Friday, June 10, 2011


I became part of a partnership in an Art Gallery about 2 months ago in a little town called Manitou Springs. It's one of those quaint little mountain towns that people just love to shop in. You can find the most unusual things there, but the main attraction is the water. There are 7 "springs", or fountains, placed strategically around town that spew the "magical" healing waters that the town is famous for. It's a bustling kind of place that one just likes to hang out at.

Our Art Gallery started out as an artist's co-op. There were initially 20 of us with similar interest, but we've since dwindled to about 6 strong members. We found this great little location to place and sell our art and so began "Artist's Edge". Located in an old garage, it's the perfect setting for the ecclectic mixture of our offerings.

We all realize this wasn't exactly the best time to be starting a new business, (and Art to boot) but we all must be really bored and decided to go with it. With my experience in retail business, and my partners never-ending energy, it's a pretty good mix and should flourish.

Things have started off pretty slow, but it's June 9th and tourist season is just now beginning. We have decided to change the format of memberships and are now open to consignors - hoping that they will help us with the steep rent.

I sold these the other day:  Bottles covered in polymer clay. They seemed to be a hit since I placed them on the shelf.  I'll be making more as soon as possible. I also have lots of beaded jewelry there and these, my newest idea:

I love to create!!!

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