Thursday, June 9, 2011


I can't believe I've waited this long to start writing about this experience! Crafty U is a business venture I undertook about 4 months ago. It was originally setup to TEACH (Hence the name, Crafty U - U for University). To date, I have held classes that instructed about 100 women on how to crochet, mainly. I have, however, also taught stamped metal jewelry and collage classes - but the majority seem to want to learn crochet. And I must admit, that surprised me. And excited me. I thought it was an art that was fading.

I've been involved in crafts my entire life and this also includes art. I have taken the equivalent of 20 years of art classes here and there (college and fine art classes through our local art museum). I was taught crochet by my grandmother at the age of 8. My mother encouraged me further when she bought me my first art set at 10. This led me to eventually learn every craft imaginable - seriously. I have several years experience of throwing pottery on a wheel, jewelry silversmithing, leather tooling and sculpting, oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, pen and ink, and pencil drawings. I can sew well, knit, create wooden outdoor furniture (who doesn't love power tools?), create collage, and I love to bake (since I was little)!

Though it sounds like I'm bragging, I can assure you I am not. I am the epitomy of the overacheiver. I cannot stop creating. I've made my own clothes, redecorated my homes (exhaustively), remodeled my landscapes, "flipped" houses, built or refinished my furniture, made my own fine jewelry, started MANY different businesses, and have created entire lines of products. Martha Stewart has little on me (except about a billion dollars). And sometimes, this non-stop activity is not a "Good Thing". LOL!

I feel I am blessed by the powers that be (though sometimes it feels like a curse). I have been given the knowledge to make whatever my heart desires.

Please join me on this venture. I would LOVE to make this a question and answer site - with you, the reader, challenging me with any and all crafting and art questions. It will not only help you, but I'm sure there will be times that I will have to research an answer and that in turn will make me more knowledgeable!

Let's go!

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